New Website

A long time ago, but we're back!


Time is a valuable thing. And sometimes we just aren't having enough of it. But we always were in the mood for good music. So we kept on going with our search for bringing dark sounds to your speakers. Mainstream music is a nasty business. And in the underworld, it is hard to keep loose ends together. GothVille project was suffering from ongoing discussions if we are commercial or not? Are we a promoting project for the less known bands? Is the music we play a promotion or is it needed we pay royalties to organizations who protect the big mainstream artists only?

GothVille Radio, it is non-profit!

We're here for the music, not for the money...

The Artists

Making music, not money

For many bands and artists in the goth scene or other dark scene related genres, making music is a passion. They are making music, not money. Often it even cost more money then they can earn by producing music. Performing on stage is often the only way to earn a bit, and hopefully, the cost of traveling to the venue isn't too high. 

For GothVille it is important that bands and artists can have their independence and do what they like best, making music. And for you, the listener, having a good source to discover these artists.

We call out to those who are having troubles to find a platform for promoting their new creations. We offer our platform to those who want some exposure for free. You can upload your music, you can make your own promotions and publish them on our radio stream. For free means that you do not have to pay for it, supporting is of course not forbidden, however.

The Deejay

Playing music, addicted

There are many DJ's out there who have their daily routine in discovering the music they like best. Some play in clubs, parties or other events. Some play on their local radio station a show on a weekly or monthly base. Other have their own radio station. At GothVille we want to start building a better relationship with them. GothVille radio is inviting them to join our radio to support our project by creating playlists, shows with live or pre-recorded shows. 

Do you have a dark music taste? Please have a close look at our DeeJay Information pages. We love to get in touch with the rest of the world. GothVille is here for bringing the darkest Goth related music to one platform. 

Visit our Deejay Invitation page, we hope to hear from you very soon...

The Listener

Listening, enjoying

As for you children of the dark. Do you love to hear a mix of alternative music? Music with an attitude? At GothVille we will continue with streaming a mix of all sub-genres. Slightly different than what you're used to in other theme related radio streams. We go from old school punk to the latest noise and everything in between.

If you don't like the mix, the swapping from hard electro minimal, the Neo Folk in between, the New Wave before the Industrial? We still have our theme playlists at Spotify. There we keep tracks within a logic music range.

And if we succeed with our process of bringing worldwide DeeJays to this station. They can have their shows directed in one sub-genre. our platform will try to bring you a clear schedule for all kind of DJ's and they will have the power in clarifying the content of their shows. So, you only need to tune-In...