About us...

GothVille is founded in the early years of this century. It all started when some friends were disappointed in the evolution of the electronic music scene. Those days huge dance parties were organized and the darkness was gone. It became mainstream, and we wanted to give an answer to this move. 

Did we win? No, of course not. Technoville however, is no longer. But our GothVille is still here. As a non-profit organization to support the dark underworld music scene we remain young at heart. We love music, the old and the new. So that is why you find at GothVille a mix of old school punk, new wave, and goth, combined with the latest industrial, ebm and minimal music.

It is not all clear wherein we need to divide the music genres, but one thing is sure. It is a dark atmosphere we get by playing the music we bring. Is it all Goth? No, it isn't. But we are open-minded about the creativity of artists and bands who bring the dark electronic sound of the eighties into their music.

GothVille vzw.
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