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we bring you the best darkness of music on your speakers! old school punk, gothic rock and new wave. but also the latest ebm, industrial, coldwave and minimal electro

New Releases


by Veil of Light


by Der Klinke


by Rendez-Vous

Mythes (B.O Les Bacchantes...)

by Potochkine

Doing business with us

Gothville is a non-profit organization. We do like donations, but our goal is to support the underworld music scene with Goth related music bands and artists.

We offer free radio commercials from 30seconds to 2 minutes where you can promote your new album, event or club. YES, for free !!!

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Top of the Goths!

Make your own top 10, 20 or 25 playlists at Spotify of your personal most liked Goth related music and link it to our system. Every week we will play a top 100 of all connected playlists at GothVille Radio and publish it on Spotify and Mix Cloud...

Dark Music  for people dressed in black...

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